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Lil Truck Inventory at Double R Outdoor Products - Swanville, MN

Why Not a Mini Truck?

Mini Trucks are small pickup trucks (LIL Pickup) designed for Off-Highway use in the US. There are several inherent advantages to these small vehicles, and the most obvious has to be their size. The compact size of these vehicles allows them to go almost anywhere, through small city streets, or on narrow country roads. The second biggest advantage of these vehicles is that they have a low cost of ownership. These are a great replacement for other utility vehicles like the golf cart, the ATV, 4-wheeler, Mule, Gator or other more expensive utility vehicles. They are better equipped, more comfortable and safer than other ATVs.

These trucks have thousands of different uses like farm utility vehicles, off-road hunting, maintenance vehicles for schools, university campuses, large factories, shipping yards, theme parks, warehouse facilities, golf courses, large ranches, dairy farms, horse stables, airports, camp grounds, orchards, landscaping, nurseries, movie sets, local municipalities, security companies; the uses for these trucks is endless.

Lil Truck Inventory at Double R Outdoor Products - Swanville, MN

Mini trucks are extremely reliable and fuel efficient, combined with comfort, security and protection from the elements makes these vehicles an inexpensive alternative to pickup trucks and utility vehicles.

Lil Truck Inventory at Double R Outdoor Products - Swanville, MN

All of our trucks come with heating and air conditioning, no engine speed governor, AM/FM radio, CD player, locking gas caps and lockable cab, windshield wipers, seat belts, headlights, and a full instrumentation system.

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